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M1-M2 Courses

Foundations of Clinical Medicine Dr. John Cusick and Dr. Valerie Gerriets
Hematology Dr. Adedji Okikiade and Dr. Guy Disibio
Integumentary and Musculoskeletal Systems Dr. Mohamed Ahmed and Dr. Debra Karling
Neuroscience Dr. Alan Ernst and Dr. Asim Mahmood
Renal System Dr. David S. Pai and Dr. Rajendra Ramsamooj
Cardiovascular Dr. Gurpreet Sodhi and Dr. Adedeji Okikiade
Pulmonary Systems Dr. John Lutch and Dr. Albin Leong
Gastrointestinal System Dr. Yinka Davies and Dr. Cara Torruellas
Endocrine System Dr. Mark Sheffield and Dr. Floyd Culler and Dr. Susan Stevens
Behavioral Medicine Dr. Martin Rubin
Reproductive Systems Dr. Carol Conrad-Forrest
M1-M2 Medical Skills Dr. Thamir Essayyad and Dr. Sarah Preiss-Farzanegan
Masters Colloquium Dr. Martin Rubin and Dr. Amy Nuismer
Student Scholarly Project Dr. Valerie Gerriets and Dr. Eslam Mohamed


Core Clerkships
Family Medicine Hayne Kelada, MD
Joseph Rogers, MD
Obstetrics/Gynecology Matthew L. van der Veen, MD
Pediatrics Marketa Leisure, MD
Surgery Eldo Frezza, MD
Internal Medicine Zahid Iqbal, MD
Non-Core Clerkships
Emergency Medicine Theodore Hoehn, MD
Neurology Asim Mahmood, MD


M4 Elective or Sub-internships Leonard Ranasinghe, MD