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Rajendra Ramsamooj, MD [BIO]
Assistant Dean of Curriculum

California Northstate University College of Medicine is committed to delivering an educational experience to ensure the student’s goal of becoming a confident and skillful physician. The curriculum at the College of Medicine is based on Clinical Presentations (CPs); symptoms or conditions that cause patients to seek the help of a physician. Examples include “sore throat”, “headache” or “chest pain”.

At the College of Medicine, basic science, clinical knowledge, clinical reasoning, ethics training, hands-on learning of medical skills, and participation in patient care at our Sacramento affiliate hospitals and clinics will help our students become patient-centered, confident leaders in medicine.

Program Learning Objectives [More Details]

  • Patient Care
  • Medical and Scientific Knowledge
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Health Care Systems
  • Reflective Practice and Personal Development