Message from the Dean

Our commitment is to help meet our nation’s need for physicians with an emphasis on training in primary care, service and social accountability. Our goal is to educate students from their first week of enrollment employing clinical case presentations. We want them to be critical thinkers and self-learners. A parallel set of courses will concentrate on learning clinical skills and socially relevant areas where the art of medicine will be taught. A major theme in all four years is team learning and inter-professional experiences with students in Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

Our commitment is also to excellence and innovation in medical education. The curriculum has been carefully developed with an incorporation of basic sciences into the foundation of clinical medicine through the use of weekly clinical presentations of disease. Students will explore medical problems as well as their scientific rationale within courses organized around organ systems such as the cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal system and others. The clinical presentations, introduced at the beginning of each week, will be reinforced with experiences in the simulation center in the process of solving clinical cases. Finally, clinical clerkships and electives will provide our students real-life experiences with diverse patient populations, working with our clinical educational partners in the community.

We have assembled a dynamic and dedicated group of MD, PhD and MD/PhD biomedical educators with expertise in preclinical and clinical disciplines. We are committed to maintaining an academic culture that respects diversity, encourages social accountability, and fosters compassion to change our medical students into professionals who will be leaders in healthcare. Our graduates will be role models in their respective communities.

Joseph Silva, MD
Dean, College of Medicine