Immunization Requirements

Hepatitis B--- 3 Vaccinations AND Positive Titer

Please provide proof of all three vaccinations PLUS a positive titer. Students who have not completed this series must have the vaccinations administered; their first shot will be marked complete, but with an expiration date for a month as a reminder that the second shot is due. At the second shot it will marked complete, but with an expiration date will be set 5 months later as a reminder that the third shot is due. At the third shot it will be completed, but with an expiration date of a month later as a reminder that the final titer is due. ** Non-reactive titers will fulfill the requirement. *Set expiration date to 20 years.

Health Insurance--Evidence of Coverage

Provide evidence of current health insurance coverage. Evidence must be an official letter from your current provider or MediCal that include dates of coverage. Health insurance cards are NOT acceptable. The expiration date should be the final date of coverage OR July 31st of the following year, whichever comes first.

Tetanus, Diptheria & Pertusis (TDAP)

Proof of your booster (TDAP) is required from within the past 10 years. ***Set EXPIRATION DATE 10 years from the date of your TDAP***

Varicella (Chicken Pox) - Proof of 2 Vaccinations OR Positive Titer

Please provide documentation of one of the following: **2 Vaccination dates OR positive titer** If the titer is negative OR equivocal, please repeat the series AND provide a 2nd titer. **Please note history of the disease WILL NOT fulfill the requirement. **

Measles (Rubeola), Mumps and Rubella (MMR)--2 Vaccination Dates OR Positive Titer

There must be documentation of ONE of the following: a) 2 vaccination dates OR b) positive titer showing results immunity. **If the titer is negative or equivocal, you must repeat series AND provide 2nd titer.**

Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD Skin Test)

**MUST BE COMPLETED BETWEEN APRIL 1ST AND JUNE 30TH OF EACH YEAR*** First year students must provide proof of a negative 2-step TB Skin Test or Quantiferon TB Gold Test. A 2-step TB Skin Test means that one is placed and read 48-72 hours later, wait 1-3 weeks, and have another one placed and read. If a first-year student has a positive TB Skin Test result, the student must obtain a chest X-ray with a normal result and be evaluated by a healthcare professional. M2 thru M4 students must complete the 1-step TB Skin Test or Quantiferon TB Gold Test. If a M2-M4 student has previously completed a chest X-ray they only need to be evaluated by a healthcare professional and provide documentation of the evaluation.

Influenza (Flu Shot)

Please provide documentation of flu shot administered between October 1 and April 30,. ***INPUT AN EXPIRATION DATE OF APRIL 30TH OF THE FOLLOWING ACEDEMIC YEAR. ***

COVID 19 Vaccination

Please provide documentation of your COVID 19 vaccinations. Please note, both vaccines must be provided for approval. Additional Booster may be required related to future CDC recommendations.