Match Day Class of 2024, March 15th 7:30AM
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Congratulations Class of 2024

...for their outstanding National Resident Matching Program results
(95% overall match rate)!
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Hands on Education

We are dedicated to educating, developing, and training individuals to provide competent, patient-centered care.

Our Students

It is the goal of the University to create life-long learners that are trained to serve the community as leaders in health care science, education, and research.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to help meet our nation’s need for physicians with an emphasis on training in primary care, service and social accountability.

2023 Yearbook

Please use the link below to enjoy our 2023 College of Medicine Yearbook. 2023 Yearbook

Real World Solutions

Students engage in real-world issues and social problems, working with community organizations to become part of the solution.

Our Expertise

We have assembled a dynamic and dedicated group of MD, PhD and MD/PhD biomedical educators with expertise in preclinical and clinical disciplines.

Student Groups

CNUCOM has a wide variety of student organizations to meet the needs of student interests. We have something for everyone!

Community Service

Through community involvement, students gain an understanding of community issues, community assets, and community processes for making change happen.

Our Values:

  • Working as a team
  • Embracing diversity and workplace excellence
  • Caring about our students, our staff, our faculty, and our profession
  • Advancing our university, our goals, and our discipline
  • Responding to challenges that may impede Mission
  • Enhancing communication and partnership
  • 2015

    Year Founded

  • 97

    2022 Match Percentage

  • 6

    Program Learning Objectives

  • 141


Why Choose Us

We are committed to delivering an educational experience to ensure the student’s goal of becoming a confident and skillful physician. The curriculum at the College of Medicine is based on Clinical Presentations (CPs); symptoms or conditions that cause patients to seek the help of a physician. Examples include “sore throat”, “headache” or “chest pain”. At the College of Medicine, basic science, clinical knowledge, clinical reasoning, ethics training, hands-on learning of medical skills, and participation in patient care at our Sacramento-area affiliate hospitals and clinics will help our students become patient-centered, confident leaders in medicine.


Joseph Silva, MD

Richard S. Isaacs, MD, FACS

Senior Vice-President of Medical Affairs and Chief Academic Officer
Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Gordon A. Wong, MD, FACP, FCCP

Gordon A. Wong, MD, FACP, FCCP

Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Medicine
Professor of Internal Medicine
and Infectious Diseases

Catherine F. Yang, PhD

Catherine F. Yang, PhD, MD (h.c.)

Associate Dean of Medical Education
Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Clinical Biochemistry


Diversity in Medicine Summer Camp 2023

Join CNU College of Medicine for a week long camp for college undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Students will have a glimpse into the first year of medical school at CNUCOM by progressing through one content block per day of our systems based curriculum, including hands on labs and medical skills activities. [Read More]

  • May 3, 2023

CNU Alum Earns Good Catch Award

The Patient Safety Good Catch of the week at St. Joseph’s Medical Center goes to our first year Emergency Medicine Resident, Dr. Ethan Luong! This is a story about paying attention to detail and having a questioning attitude.[Read More]

  • October 25, 2021