Individual Faculty Professional Development Plan

Each faculty member is expected to create a Professional Development Plan designed to promote his or her teaching, scholarship, and service. This Plan should be dynamic, and reviewed, revised and discussed with the Department Chair at least annually. In preparation for such a meeting, each faculty member is asked to draft a narrative that incorporates a response to each of the following questions:

  1. What is the 5-year professional aspirations for teaching, research, service and, clinical practice (if appropriate)?
  2. What specific goals are proposed for the next year that will contribute to reaching those aspirations?
  3. What are the activities planned to be to undertaken in order to achieve the specific goals?
  4. What objective evidence might signify successful achievement of the proposed specific goals?
  5. How would you plan your performance to ensure you are on the right path for promotion, or, that you remain academically productive at the level you are? Please, specify steps and cornerstones.
  6. How will you leverage the specific activities you undertake for each of the areas of teaching, research, service and clinical practice to enhance your success in the other components?

The Annual Evaluation of each faculty member will cover progress in the following 5 categories:

  • Teaching effectiveness
  • Research and scholarship
  • Professional service
  • Clinical practice
  • Collegiality