Learn more about Dr. Catherine YangA Message from the Associate Dean of Medical Education

Catherine Yang, Ph.D. MD (h.c.) [BIO]
Associate Dean of Medical Education

Welcome to the California Northstate University College of Medicine (CNUCOM)!

We’re proud to provide our talented medical students who come from diverse backgrounds with innovative integrated medical education that will serve them well to be the next generation physicians.

At the center of our mission, we frame our pedagogy aligned with transforming health care systems around the world and we are committed to advancing health profession education. 

Our approach includes three fundamental components:

  1. evidenced-based best medical practice and emerging innovations in medical care;
  2. curricula enriched by innovative educational technologies, modern pedagogical methods (e.g. interactivity) and problem-based learning; and
  3. delivery of learning opportunities in multiple formats, including clinical cases, simulation courses, hands-on learning of medical skills, and participation in patient care at our affiliate hospitals across northern and southern California.

Our program aims to prepare our students in meeting the changing demands of education and practice within our evolving health care system. We strive to deliver competency-based, time-variable quality education.