Faculty Mentors

GVHD, Immune Tolerance, Novel Imaging, Biomarkers

Faculty Name Email Position Areas of Interest Active Research Projects

Ahmed El-Shamy


Assistant Professor

1-General Virology

2-Viral Hepatitis

3-Liver Immunology

I. Establishing in-vitro cell-based infectious system for drug screening against hepatitis B virus.
II. High through screen natural products against hepatitis B virus using cell-based imaging system.

Anthony Kelada


Psychiatry Clerkship Director

Assistant Clinical Professor of


Psychiatry, Psychology, Neurobiology, Neuroscience

Available to hlep with literature reviews

Arpita Vyas


Associate Professor

Pediatrics Endocrinology, prenatal programming with endocrine disrupting checmicals and androgens, PCOS related projects.

I. Molecular mechanism by which gestational exposures to androgens and endocrine disruptors adversely program the heart (animal models).

II. Incidence of congenital heart disease in offspring of women with PCOS (data mining started at Sutter already).

III. Role of GLP-1 treatment of PCOS.

Psychological assessment tools in Pediatric Diabetes

Elena Dedkova


Associate Professor

Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) is a lethal inherited disease resulting from the reduction in a single mitochondrial protein, frataxin. Frataxin reduction causes progressive neurodegeneration in adolescents through adults, however most FA patients die of a frataxin-dependent cardiomyopathy, in their 30s. There is currently no FDA-approved therapy for FA. My research is focused on investigation of the mechanisms leading to lethal cardiomyopathy in FA and screening for the potential pharmacological agents which can improve cardiac function in patients with FA.

NIH 1R01HL135187-01 Dedkova (PI)

Fumarate drugs rescue cardiac dysfunction in mouse models of Friedreich's ataxia. The goal of this

project is to determine whether fumarate-based drugs can rescue lethal

cardiomyopathy in Friedreich's ataxia

and to determine the underlying mechanisms of cardioprotection.

Eslam Mohamed


Assistant Professor of Immunology

Tumor Immunology and Allergy

I. Exploring mechanisms regulating immunosuppressive myeloi cells in the tumor microenvironment
II. Developing strategies to induce immunogenic cell death of tumor cells to promot antitumor immunity.
III. Synthesizing hypoallergic allergoid derivatives of the immunodominant peanut allergen, Arah2 to be used in formulating a peanut allergy tolerogenic vaccine. Able to accommodate up to 5 medical students

Floyd Culler & Mark






Educational initiatives at COM (SILS)

Forshing Lui


Professor of Neurology

Neurology related case reports and reviews. Geriatrics research

Serve as local faculty advisor for the MEdical Student Resarch in Aging

(MSTAR) program.

Ghalib Alkhatib

Ghalib. Alkhatib@cnsu.edu


HIV Research

I. Mechanism of the Sars-COV-2 spike glycoprotein interaction with host cell receptors.
II. Mechanisms of resistance to HIV-1 infection.

III. In Vitro studies in drug discoveries HIV.

Guy diSibio


Associate Professor of Pathology, Hematology, Surgical Pathology, Molecular Genetics

Integrating Electronic Medical Record traininging into the undergraduate medical curriculum. Hematopoietic malignancies: population genetics: DNA variant annotation using ACMG criteria: disparities in use of genetic testing. Innovation in medical student education

Integrating elecectronic medical record training into the undergraduate medical curriculum.
Available to assist students with case and literature reviews.

Han-Rong Weng


Associate Professor

The overal goal of my research project is to identify molecular targets for the development of novel analgesics. Research in my lab focuses on molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the genesis of

chronic pain in rodent (rat and mouse) models.

Identification of molecular targets for the development of novel analgesics

Hongbin Wang


Assistant Professor

I. Pharmacology/Drug Development

II. Cancer Cell Signaling

III. Immunology Research: The Complement C4 in autoimmune diseases, sepsis, and diabetes

I. Complement C4a mitigates LPS-induced endotoxic effects through association with PAR1 and PAR4
II. Observing complement activation in human endothelial cell in response to hyperglycemia

Islam Mohamed


Pharmaceutical & Biomedical

Sciences (COP)

Vascular Diseases, Development of Atherosclerosis, Shear stress-mediated vascular inflammation, shear- sensittive microRNAs

Role of micro-RNA (miR-146a) in the development of atherosclerosis

James Jim


Pharmaceutical & Biomedical

Sciences (COP)

I. Role of T cells in Ischemic Heart Injury and

Diabetic Cardiomyopathy

II. Modulation of S1P in Heart Injury

III. Differentiation and Dedifferentiation of Cardiac


I. Dedifferentiation of cardiac fibrosis

II. Role of T cells in diabetic cardiomyopathy

John Cusick


Associate Professor

Tumor Necrosis Factor

I. Identifying and characterizing novel protein interactions with human Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor superfamily members.
II. Characterizing the expression of Tumor Necrosis Factor receptors in healthy and diseased human tissues.
III. Educational Research: Effectiveness of Differing Active Learning Pedagogies

Jose Puglisi


Assistant Professor Pharmacology

Computer simulations of biological system. Telemedicine, 3D print, Data Mining

I. Use of fitbit to track heart rate variabililty (Telemedicine)

II. Electronic Medical Recoreds (Computer Simulations) III. Racial Patterns in

Drug Consumption (Data Mining) IV. Model of Backbone Surgery (3D Printing)

Katherine Whitcome


Assistant Professor

Functional and Comparative Anatomy

I. Validation of mHealth Technology Applied to Parkinson's Disease Patients II. Biomechanics of Bipedal Travel in Natural Mother-Infant Pairs: Anatomical and Kinemativ Modeling for UNderstanding Locomotor Transitions in Hominin Evolution

Leonard Ranasinghe



Professor of Medical Education and

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine related projects-chart review. ROPE: Delayed PE Diagnosis

Available to help with case reports

Linh Ho





Pharmaceutical & Biomedical

Sciences (COP)

Mitochondrial sirtuins and their modulators for metabolic diseases and cancer

I. Role of Sirt3 in regulation of fat generation and insulin pathways in adipocytes

II. Investigating effects of Sirt3 modulators on prostate cancer

Mohamed Ahmed



Assistant Professor

I. Chronic Kidney Disease
II. Nephropathy
III. Type-2 Diabetes and Hypertension

IV. Metabolic Syndrome

Project development underway. Interest in assisting students wil literature reivew, and/or in-vitro research project and Educational Research Projects

Raja Sivamani


Associate Professor of


Clinical Studies in Dermatology

Multiple ongoing studies

Rajendra Ramsamooj


Professor of Pathology, Surgical

Pathology and Clinical Skills

Available to help with case studies or case series

Ruth Vinall


Pharmaceutical & Biomedical

Sciences (COP)

Prostate and Bladder Cancer

Determination of whether assessment of miRNA in canine blood and urine samples can be used to diagnose prostate cancer and to predict response to treatment

Sara Preiss- Farzanegan


Associate Proffessor

I am interested in educational research (especially as it relates to the OSCE), case studies and literature reviews.

Available to help with case studies and literature reviews.

Uyen Le


Pharmaceutical & Biomedical

Sciences (COP)

Drug Delivery/ Drug target

Nanotechnology (liposome)

Formulations of topical/ transdermal products

I. Formulation and in vitro evaluation of of liposomes containing crinum latifolium extract for prostate cancer treatment

II. Formulation and delivery of curcumin in synergistic effect with other agents in cancer prevention and treatment.

III. Topical and transdermal delivery of nutraceuticals

Valerie Gerriets


Assistant Professor of


I. Immunology Research: The role of serotonin in the bidirectional interaction between the brain and immune system.
II. Medical education research: Medical student burnout and psychological wellbeing.

Medical student burnout and psychological wellbeing. Effect of elective courses on stress and anxiety levels.

Eldo Frezza


Professor of Surgery


I. Laparaoscopic Cholescytostomy tube placement in acute severe cholecystitis review of the literature.
II. Bioterrorism and the role of medical school's review; papers and grant writing.

III. Engineering ED facility for Bioterrorism event.
IV. Economic impact of day lost of work after emergency surgery.
V. Impact of health care insurance on state economy and patient care. VI. The role of Utilization management in clinical medicine