Faculty Mentors

Faculty Position Areas of Interest Active Research Projects
Ghalib Alkhatib, PhD - BIO | Email Professor HIV research In vitro studies in drug discoveries HIV
David Arenson, MD - BIO | Email Associate Professor Gastroenterology Case Report: “ A curious case of vanishing blood cells”
John Cusick, PhD - BIO | Email Associate Professor Tumor Necrosis Factor 1. Identifying and characterizing novel protein interactions with human Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor superfamily members.
2. Characterizing the expression of Tumor Necrosis Factor receptors in healthy and diseased human tissues.
Floyd Culler, MD - BIO | Email
& Mark Sheffield, MD, PhD - BIO | Email
Professors Endocrinology Educational initiatives at COM (SILS)
Guy diSibio, MD, PhD - BIO | Email Associate Professor of Pathology, Hematopathology, Surgical Pathology, Molecular Genetics Integrating Electronic Medical Record training into the undergraduate medical curriculum.
Hematopoietic malignancies; population genetics; DNA variant annotation using ACMG criteria; disparities in use of genetic testing.
Innovation in medical student education.
Integrating electronic medical record training into the undergraduate medical curriculum.
Ahmed El-Shamy, PhD - BIO | Email Assistant Professor
  1. General Virology
  2. Viral hepatitis
Liver immunology
1) Establishing in-vitro cell-based infectious system for drug screening against hepatitis B virus
2) High through screen of natural products against hepatitis B virus using cell-based imaging system
Xiaodong Feng, PhD, PharmD - BIO | Email Professor of Pharmacology and Oncology Assessing Risks of Impaired Healing and Osteomyelitis Associated with Bisphosphonates Angiogenesis and tumor metastasis and other projects
Rochelle Frank, MD - BIO | Email Associate Professor of Neurology Medical Education, Physician Wellness and Resilience, Functional Neurologic Disorder None currently
Valerie Gerriets, PhD - BIO | Email Assistant Professor of Pharmacology Immunology research:  The role of serotonin in the bidirectional interaction between the brain and immune system
Medical education research: Medical student burnout and psychological wellbeing
Medical student burnout and psychological wellbeing
Effect of elective courses on stress and anxiety levels
Nazila Hejazi, MD - Email Assistant Professor of Pathology Surgical Pathology with emphasis on cytopathology and medical education 1) Rho-C and Prostate Cancer
2) A rare case report
3) Anki usage correlation with MCAT and USMLE
Laura Hoffman, MD - BIO | Email Associate Professor of Endocrinology Clinical Endocrinology None currently
Linh Ho, PhD - BIO | Email Pharmaceutical & Biomedical sciences (COP) Mitochondrial sirtuins and their modulators for metabolic diseases and cancer 1) Role of Sirt3 in regulation of fat generation and insulin pathways in adipocytes
2) Investigating effects of Sirt3 modulators on prostate cancer
James Jin, PhD - BIO | Email Pharmaceutical & Biomedical sciences (COP) • Role of T cells in Ischemic Heart Injury and Diabetic Cardiomyopathy
• Modulation of S1P in Heart Injury
• Differentiation and Dedifferentiation of Cardiac Fibrosis
1) Dedifferentiation of cardiac fibrosis
2) Role of T cells in diabetic cardiomyopathy
Vijay Khatri, MBChB, FACS, MBA - BIO | Email Professor of Surgery Surgical Oncology 1) Melanoma research (already has medical student on this project)
Kamaljeet (Kamal) Khaira Clinical Instructor Concussion Awareness, Prevention and Treatment Concussion Project
Uyen Le, PhD - BIO | Email Pharmaceutical & Biomedical sciences (COP) Drug Delivery/ Drug target
Nanotechnology (liposome)
Formulations of topical/ transdermal products
1) Formulation and in vitro evaluation of of liposomes containing crinum latifolium extract for prostate cancer treatment
2) Formulation and delivery of curcumin in synergistic effect with other agents in cancer prevention and treatment.
3) Topical and transdermal delivery of nutraceuticals
James Martel, MD, MPH, FACS - BIO | Email Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology Clinical Ophthalmology  
Malcolm McHenry, MD - Email Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Medical Skills Clinical cardiology Long term follow up of congenital complete heart block in adults, valvular heart disease and congenital heart disease in adults
Islam Mohamed, PhD - BIO | Email Pharmaceutical & Biomedical sciences (COP) Vascular Diseases, Development of Atherosclerosis, Shear stress-mediated vascular inflammation, shear-sensitive microRNAs Role of micro-RNA (miR-146a) in the development of atherosclerosis
José Puglisi, PhD - BIO | Email Assistant Professor of Physiology and Biostatistics Computer simulations of biological system, Telemedicine, 3D print, Data Mining 1) Use of fitbit to track heart rate variability (Telemedicine)
2) Electronic Medical Records (Computer Simulations)
3) Racial Patterns in Drug Consumption (Data Mining)
4) Model of backbone surgery (3D printing)
Joseph Rogers, MD, FAAP, BCEM - BIO | Email Professor Of Pediatrics
Family Medicine- Clerkship Director
Director of Clinical Skills
Emergency Medicine 1.Case Report: role of Capsin oil in treatment of marijuana induced recurrent emesis
2. Case Report: Atypical case of bacterial Endocarditis x2 case reports
Rajendra Ramsamooj, MD - BIO | Email Professor of Pathology, Surgical Pathology and Clinical Skills GVHD, Immune Tolerance, Novel Imaging, Biomarkers None currently
Leonard Ranasinghe MD, PhD - BIO | Email Professor of Medical Education and Emergency Medicine Emergency medicine related projects-chart review
ROPE: Delayed PE Diagnosis
Disease transmitted by Aedes Aegypti-Review article
Yihui Shi PhD - BIO | Email Faculty Basic Sciences Cancer Research 1. Identification of Synthetic Lethal Partners of Cancer Germline Mutations using Pan-Cancer Human Primary Tumor Data.
2. Study how Kinase Inhibitors and Spliceosome Interact to Induce Alternative Splicing
Arpita Vyas, MD - BIO | Email Associate Professor Pediatrics endocrinology, prenatal programming with endocrine disrupting chemicals and androgens, PCOS related projects 1) Molecular mechanism by which androgens (Testosterone and DHT) adversely program the heart (animal models)
2) Incidence of congenital heart disease in   offspring of women with PCOS  (data mining started at San Joaquin hospital already)
3) Role of GLP-1 in treatment of PCOS
4) Global health- Newborn screening for congenital hypothyroidism
5) Psychological assessment tools in  Pediatric Diabetes
Dinesh Vyas, MD - Email Associate Professor of Surgery Basic Science: Breast cancer research:-use of nanotechnology and sepsis.
Global Health initiative. Focusing on trauma in rural US and globally in fast growing economies
1) Under water colonoscopy study
2) Mass Spectroscopy in necrotizing
3) Rural California prehospital care and
trauma education
4) Colon cancer relationship to incidence
in ethnic diets
5) Global cancer incidence shift in last
6) Modalities of data collection and
interventions from human torso
7) Global health: Colon cancer incidence
in last century
8) Blockchain and surgery
9) Incidence rate of necrotizing fasciitis
with seasons
10) First Responder Density in Rural
USA:Innovation in Pedagogy
11) Rural USA and Cancer Incidenc with
Patient Migration: Opportunity for
Disruptive Technology
12) Novel proteasome inhibitors in triple negative breast cancer
Jean-Claude Veille, MD - Email Professor 1) Metabolic adaptation during pregnancy,
2) Cardiovascular adaptation during pregnancy,
3) Fetal Growth restriction and Barker Hypothesis
4) Exercise during pregnancy,
5) Twin pregnancies  
1) The role of Probiotics in the control of newly diagnosed Gestational diabetes 2) The effects of PCOS on the fetal cardiovascular development (Ongoing project with Dr. Vyas)
Ruth Vinall, PhD - BIO | Email Pharmaceutical & Biomedical sciences (COP) Prostate and bladder cancer Determination of whether assessment of miRNA in canine blood and urine samples can be used to diagnose prostate cancer and to predict response to treatment
Hongbin Wang PharmBS, MS, PhD - BIO | Email Assistant Professor 1-Pharmacology/Drug Development
2- Cancer Cell Signaling
3-Immunology Research: The Complement C4 in autoimmune diseases, sepsis and diabetes
1) Complement C4a mitigates LPS-induced endotoxic effects through association with PAR1 and PAR4
2). Observing complement activation in human endothelial cell in response to hyperglycemia
Katherine Whitcome, PhD - BIO | EmailAssistant Professor Functional and Comparative Anatomy 1) Validation of mHealth Technology Applied to Parkinson’s Disease Patients 2) Biomechanics of Bipedal Travel in Natural Mother-Infant Pairs: Anatomical and Kinematic Modeling for Understanding Locomotor Transitions in Hominin Evolution
Tracy L. Yarbrough, MD, PhD - BIO | Email   Associate Professor, Physiology Critical thinking and metacognition in medical education (UME, GME and CME), factors affecting motivation and self-efficacy in novice and expert learners, high value diagnostic imaging (especially cardiovascular and oncologic applications) 1) Relationship between deep learning approaches and outcomes in undergraduate medical education
2) Use of self-audit and reflection to promote deep learning
3) Relationship between social learning and translation of critical reasoning skills
4) Early non-invasive clinical markers of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease
Catherine F. Yang, PhD - BIO | Email Professor of Molecular Pharmacology, Clinical Biochemistry&Vaccine Protease Regulatory Roles in Prostate Cancer and Type 2 Diabetes; Drug Design for Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia via Apoptotic Control 1) Type 2 diabetes drug with the intervention of hypertension 2) Allergy vaccine and its clinical trial