Service Learning Opportunities

Social awareness and accountability are important aspects of medical education. Through community involvement, students gain an understanding of community issues, community assets, and community processes for making change happen. Students engage in real-world issues and social problems, working with community organizations to become part of the solution. A student serving in a community develops a relationship with community members and, at the same time, develops a deeper understanding of the root causes and broader social issues that contribute to community problems. In all of these ways, service learning is intended to help students learn, understand and engage with others, and develop the skills and attitudes to become multicultural community builders in our rapidly changing, diverse world.

In all of these ways, service learning is intended to help students learn, understand and engage with others, and develop the skills and attitudes to become multicultural community builders in our rapidly changing, diverse world.

Anatomy Academy

Anatomy Academy is integrated as part of the elementary school’s regular curriculum. Medical students are broken into groups and act as mentors and teachers for local elementary school students. Each week, medical students teach an organ system to the students, and promote healthy living through knowledge regarding proper diet and exercise. Time commitment is three hours a week during the neuro block. Requirements include joining the SIG and attending the mandatory training session.

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Ashwin Sidhu:

Clinica Tepati (Limited Capacity)

Clinica Tepati is a free clinic where CNU students work with in conjunction with the UC Davis medical school. We are currently working on Telehealth and have patients scheduled throughout the week. We connect with a patient and take a full HPI, precept, and discharge patients.

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Tanvi Choskshi:
Mark Marfin:

COVID-19 Testing

Through Tetteh Pediatric Health, students can volunteer to collect PCR test swabs, as well as read and report results for COVID-19 rapid tests. Students may also learn to coach patients on how to perform self-swabs and assist with patient check in. Testing clinics are from 9am to 5pm on Fridays with two shifts (8am to 12pm or 1pm to 5pm). COVID vaccinations may also be offered on site during the second half of the day. Occasionally, there are opportunities for pop-up testing events on the weekends.

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**External Contact**Carlos Vergara:

Parkinson's Association of Northern CA (PANC)

The Parkinson's Association of Northern California (PANC) is a local organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with Parkinson’s and their families/caretakers through resources such as an annual conference, support groups, exercise classes, newsletter, live podcasts, journal club, fundraising walks, and more. As a PANC volunteer, you will have the chance to participate in local support groups, get to know people with Parkinson's on a closer level, and join local PANC events throughout the year. There is no time commitment or application, as this opportunity is whatever you would like to make of it.

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Eric Jones:

Pathways to Healthcare

Pathways to Healthcare is a seminar/workshop series designed to provide premeds and other aspiring healthcare professionals exposure to careers in medicine and insight into the medical school application process. Topics in the series include how to prep for MCAT and interviews, the paths that “non-traditional” premeds took to get into medical school, how to find research experience, and what it looks like to practice a specialty.

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Jamal Abercrombia:

Sacramento Street Medicine

Our street medicine team involves outreach work with Sacramento's unhoused population and strives to provide streamlined access to medical services, donate necessities like food and water, and create meaningful relationships with this community. Time commitment would be like student run clinics where volunteers will be scheduled in advance and must attend that visit. This will typically be ~1 outreach visit per month for about 3-5 hours.

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Rachel Lee:
Jericho Hallare:

Sacramento State University Pipeline

In our commitment to develop a physician workforce for the community from the community, CNUCOM has worked with Sacramento State University to find new ways to support its premed students on their journey to medical school. This support includes various short-term and long-term programming that may involve mentorship, advisement, workshops exposure opportunities and more.

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Jamal Abercrombia:

Shifa Clinic

Shifa Clinic has developed comprehensive and culturally tailored patient-targeted interventions, including topics such as healthy lifestyle, prevention and management of diabetes, screening, and prevention of chronic diseases and cancer.

Language-specific brochures and videos were created to educate, engage, empower, and encourage the community to become healthy and maintain physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health. Trained multilingual health coaches provide one-on-one health education based on cultural and religious preferences.

Medical students may volunteer at weekend clinics to perform physical exams, take histories, and practice hands on clinical skills. To volunteer, medical students must complete required trainings. Time commitment varies based on student interest and shift availability.

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Ashwin Sidhu:

Valley High School Pipeline

CNUCOM has developed a close relationship with Valley High Schools Health TECH Academy. In an effort to support their student’s persistence into careers in healthcare, CNUCOM offers a variety of programming and interaction at this site, including mentorship, tutoring, workshops and more. These activities are coordinated by The Student Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) pipeline wing of the Office of Student Affairs and in partnership with various student organizations.

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Lee Weathers-Miguel

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