Kamau Jamal Abercrombia Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion Pipeline Programming
Admissions and Student Service Coordinator
Alejandro Arana Torres Curriculum Coordinator 916-686-7300
Corrine Baumer Administrative Assistant - Clerkships 916-686-8516
Shymaa Bilasy Lab Manager - Research 916-686-3526
Rowena Cheng Admissions and Student Services Coordinator 916-686-8499
Kathryn Dillard Administrative Assistant - Office of Medical Education (OME) 916-686-3533
Linnae Enberg Executive Assistant to Dean Joseph Silva 916-686-7859
La Donna Haralson Medical Skills Coordinator 916-686-7694
Frances Higoy Clerkship Coordinator 916-686-7856
Anji Khan Director of Admissions, Student Affairs and Outreach 916-686-7811
Jacob Moore Anatomy Lab Technician
Derek Nguyen Administrative Assistant - Clinical Science 916-686-7963
Robyn Noguchi Distance Learning Coordinator 916-686-3527
Xinyu Pei Research Technician I
Tasha Staton Administrative Assistant - Clerkships 916-686-8026
Johanna Tu Administrative Assistant of Admissions and Student Affairs 916-686-7689
Juan Urbano Jr. Director of Assessment & Evaluation 916-686-3521
Malinda Xiong Admissions and Student Services Coordinator 916-686-7860
Mang Xiong Administrative Assistant - Basic Science 916-686-7871
May Yang Coordinator for the Office of Medical Education (OME) 916-686-3498