Kamau Jamal Abercrombia, Ed.D
Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion
Email: Kamau.Abercrombia@cnsu.edu

Rosamaria Cerezo, BA
Lead Clerkship Coordinator
Phone: 916-686-7856
Email: Rosamaria.cerezo@cnsu.edu

Flichard Delosreyes, BA
Clerkship Coordinator I
Phone: (916) 686-7465
Email: Flichard.Delosreyes@cnsu.edu

Linnae Enberg
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Phone: (916) 686-7859
Email: Linnae.Enberg@cnsu.edu

Courtney Fagalde, BS
Administrative Assistant for Office of
Academic and Career Advising
Phone: (916) 686-7300 ext. 8499
Email: courtney.Fagalde@cnsu.edu

Patricia Gutierrez, BS
Clerkship Coordinator I
Phone: (916) 686-7860
Email: Patricia.Gutierrez@cnsu.edu

Stephanie Hernandez, BA
Admissions and Student Services Coordinator
Phone: (916) 686-7689
Email: Stephanie.Hernandez@cnsu.edu

Frank Hoang, MS, MBMB
Research Laboratory Manager
Phone: 916-378-3526
Email: Frank.hoang@cnsu.edu

Feiran Hu, EMBA
Director of Admissions
Phone: 916-378-3585
Email: Feiran.Hu@cnsu.edu

Alicia Leija, BS
Medical Skills Coordinator
Phone: 916-686-7931
Email: Alicia.Leija@cnsu.edu

Lien Lu, BS
Administrative Assistant for Admissions,
Student Affairs and Outreach
Phone: 916-686-7811
Email: Lien.Lu@cnsu.edu

Ryan McClintick, BA
Academic Affairs Coordinator
Phone: (916) 686-7871
Email: Ryan.McClintick@cnsu.edu

Andrea Ramirez, BA
Clerkship Coordinator I
Phone: 916-686-7300 ext. 9281
Email: andrea.ramirez@cnsu.edu

Logan Rodgers, BS
Anatomy Lab Technician
Phone: 916-686-7471
Email: Logan.RodgersBS@cnsu.edu

Lucy Thao
Clerkship Coordinator I
Phone:(916) 686-8516
Email: Lucy.Thao@cnus.edu

Wesly Tse, BS
Clerkship Coordinator Supervisor
Phone:(916) 686-8026
Email: Wesly.Tse@cnsu.edu

Pakauhlee (Polly) Vang
Curriculum Coordinator
Phone: 916-378-3584
Email: pakauhlee.vang@cnsu.edu

Isabella Villagomez, BA
Administrative Assistant for Office of Medical Education
Phone: 916-378-3509
Email: Isabell.vallagomez@cnsu.edu

Charles Ware, DH.Ed, MS
Director of Academic Services
Phone:(916) 686-7910
Email: Charles.Ware@cnsu.edu

Kalia Watkins, BS
Assistant Director of Medical Skills
Phone: 916-686-7300 ext. 7694
Email: kalia.watkins@cnsu.edu

Lee Weathers-Miguel, MS
Student Life Advisor
Phone: 916-686-7300
Email: Lee.Weathers-Miguel@cnsu.edu

Robert Xiong, BA
Administrative Assistant
for Basic Science Department
Phone: 916-378-3491
Email: Robert.Xiong@cnsu.edu

Ko Sue Yang, MSW
Educational Skills Specialist
Phone: 916-686-8522
Email: KoSue.Yang@cnsu.edu