Student Interest Groups (SIGS)

Student Interest Groups (SIGs) represent the professional, academic, and community interest of the CNUCOM student body. There are many SIGs available to help provide exposure to various medical specialties.

Active Student Interest Groups || Student Interest Group Forms

Student Interest Group Information

Each SIG must have the following:
 At least two officers

  • Can be any combination of president, co-presidents, vice, president, or secretary
  • If your SIG is requesting funding through CNUCOM, you must also have a treasurer
  • Additional officer roles may be created as needed

A faculty advisor
At least 10 members
A mission statement including goals and objectives
Duties of a SIG:
Your SIG is responsible for holding a minimum of four (4) events or meetings per academic year.

  • Events include talks, health fairs, socials, etc.
  • Please send sign in/attendance sheets to all meeting or applicable events to

Upon reapplying for the coming academic year, each SIG is responsible for providing a brief narrative of activity during the current academic year along with a description of plans and goals for the coming year.
Booking a room on campus and Canvas Calendar Request
To book a space on campus for SIG activities, reach out to the front desk ( and inquire about availability of the desired space. Please provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • The date of your event
  • Room number/name of the space
  • Name of activity

Upon approval for use of the space, please submit a Canvas Calendar Request.

Canvas Calendar Requests are made for all SIG activities whether on campus, off- campus, or virtual.

Use of Funding:
SIG funds provided by CNUCOM may be used for the following:

  • Food/refreshments for meetings and events
  • Conferences
  • Speaker fees
  • Supplies
  • Donations

To access your SIG’s allotted funding, a SIG member can make a purchase, then submit a reimbursement request. Alternatively, a quote for a purchase can be provided to Lee Weathers-Miguel. Upon approval, funds will be issued to make a purchase. The purchasing student is responsible for providing a receipt of the purchase and all change back to Jamal.

Special online purchase may be made by Jamal on the SIGs behalf by request.

Reimbursement Request