Admission Steps for Fall 2024 Applicants

  1. Complete CNUCOM admission prerequisites.
  2. CNUCOM accepts MCAT scores from the last 3 years. Acceptable MCAT version is:
    - The new MCAT Exam after January 2020.
  3. Complete your primary application via the Association of American Medical Colleges (AMCAS)
  4. Completed AMCAS applications will be reviewed by the CNUCOM Admissions Committee and Admissions Office.
  5. Selected, qualified applicants will be invited to complete the CNUCOM Supplemental Application (a $100 non-refundable fee is assessed to the application)
  6. Submit your Letters of Recommendation (LOR).
  7. Completed Supplemental Applications will be thoroughly reviewed. Highly qualified candidates will be sent an invitation to participate in a virtual interview. All applications that are not selected will remain under review until the end of the cycle.
  8. Successfully complete the interview.
  9. The Admissions Committee will confidentially review completed application packages and designate as Accepted, Waitlisted or Rejected.
  10. The Admissions Office staff will notify the applicant of the admissions decision. All admission decisions are FINAL. Requests for admission decision appeals will not be accepted.


  • The College of Medicine is not accepting transfer students from other medical schools and/or programs.
  • The College of Medicine is NOT accepting early decision for the new admission cycle of 2023-2024.
  • At this time, the College of Medicine M.D. Program is only open to U.S. citizens and legal residents with Green Cards.
  • California Northstate University does NOT accept or otherwise participate in any federal direct student loan program (Title IV) funding, any federal veterans' benefits program (Title 38) funding, or any other government student loan program funding.

Please visit our Admissions FAQs for more information.