Monthly Research Seminars

Speaker Topic Date Affiliation
Dr. Nicolas Valley Small Molecule Drug Discovery @ CNU/CHS 8/13/20 California Northstate University College of Health Sciences
Dr. Kenneth Remy COVID-19 Update 9/24/20 Washington University, St. Louis
Dr. Ashim Malhotra Mitochondrial Proteins & Pancreatic Cancer 10/8/20 California Northstate University College of Pharmacy
Dr. Carl Gustafson Elagolix for Endometriosis UPDATE 12/10/20 AbbVie
Dr. Sarah Jackson Stress Inoculation Training (SIT-NORCAL), currently underway with both DoD and Veteran populations (PTSD/TBI) 1/14/21 Veterans’ Administration
Yihui Shi, M.D., Ph.D New Lab Results 2/11/21 CNUCOM