Student Research Committee

The Office of Research is thrilled to announce the launch of the Student Research Committee (SRC) in the Fall of 2023. This is a student-run committee under the guidance and mentorship of CNUCOM Faculty, within the Office of Research. This will be in addition to the Faculty Research Committee and there will be collaboration opportunities across both committees.

The goal of the SRC is to cultivate a culture of medical innovation and provide students with additional research opportunities in specialties of their interest, and a create a platform for students to collaborate with their peers and CNUCOM Faculty. The SRC will provide mentorship and guidance for students throughout their research projects, starting from ideation to conference presentations to publishing the final manuscript.

To facilitate student involvement, the SRC maintains a roster of all active projects, while also constantly generating new projects answering the pressing questions in medicine today, allowing students to contribute to projects of their preference. Additionally, a monthly virtual meeting is held between the supervising CNUCOM Faculty and all students to discuss current progress, address any challenges encountered, and brainstorm new ideas. In addition to these monthly check-in meetings, there are also periodic mentorship sessions providing students with guidance related to different types of research.

Upon request and approval, students will have the opportunity to showcase their ongoing research in the CNUCOM Research in Progress Series. This platform gives students an opportunity to present their latest research and receive feedback on their project's content and their presentation skills in preparation for national conferences and manuscript publication.

SRC Board Message

“Greetings from the SRC Board! We are thrilled that you’re interested in research, and we’re excited to share the many opportunities that CNU has to offer. At CNU, we are dedicated to fostering knowledge and innovation through research within the College of Medicine. The Student Research Committee aims to support you by providing students with resources, connections, and projects across a variety of specialties so that you can pursue your interests, sharpen your critical thinking skills, and challenge yourself in new ways. We look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together!”