CNUCOM Research Laboratory

The CNUCOM research lab offers approximately 1400 square ft of fully equipped wet lab space. The available equipment includes fridges and freezers, MilliQ water, mid-size and ultracentrifuges, tissue culture room with biosafety cabinets and incubators, environmental shaker, pH meters, balances, controlled temperature water bath, plate shaker, electrophoresis gel boxes and power supplies and microcentrifuges.

Additionally, CNUCOM lab houses an Olympus IX83 microscope equipped for bright-field, dark-field, differential interference contrast and fluorescence imaging. The microscope is also complemented by a digital camera and a Gateway GP6-300 Pentium computer. Other available equipment includes a NanoDrop 2000 Spectrophotometer, autoclave, icemaker, tissue cryostat microtome machine, Odyssey imaging system for western blots and DNA gels, Eco Real-Time PCR system, 2720 thermocycler, Sonicator, Varioskan Flash Spectral Scanning Multimode Reader with Reagent Dispenser from Thermo Fisher, BD FACSCalibur for Flow cytometry, real-time FAST PCR from Biorad and Z2 Coulter Counter from Beckman Coulter.

COM faculty and students also have access to wet lab space in the College of Pharmacy, which includes tissue culture rooms, a histology/imaging laboratory that houses a Leica fluorescent microscope, a molecular imaging laboratory/dark room, and a molecular analysis core room which houses equipment for ELISAs, Beckman Coulter DTX 880 multimode detector, FPLC, HPLC, beta counters etc.