Adedeji Okikiade, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Pulmonology

Assistant Professor of Pathology
Course Director for Hematology
Co-course Director for Cardiovascular Course

Office Phone: (916) 686-7963
Fax: 916-686-7310


  • MD, Lagos State University, College of Medicine, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Fellowship, Pathology- Medical Research and Teaching, Saint George’s University, School of Medicine, West Indies, Grenada
  • PhD, Regenerative Cellular Therapy, Selinus University, London, UK


Dr. Okikiade teaches Hematology, Cardiovascular courses and Medical Skills for our M1 and M2 students. He has wide-ranging experience in medical education, curriculum design, and clinical research. He has worked as a resident physician in Obstetrics and a primary care physician in Nigeria and the Caribbean for nearly two decades. Dr. Okikiade has also extensively taught clinical pathology, pathophysiology, bedside teaching, and introduction to clinical medicine while at All Saints University, College of Medicine, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where Dr. Okikiade established and coordinated OSCE/OSPE for M1 and M2 students.

Research Interests

Immunopathological disorders and rare medical conditions. Team led a group of clinical faculties working on Immunological diseases and rare conditions in the Caribbean (St. Vincent) such as Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes mellitus, spectrum of Leukodystrophy and rare medical conditions (5-year study plan). Focus on epidemiology, clinical diagnosis, management and drug trials. Recent research interest centres on medical model and re-stratification of Autoimmune versus Auto-inflammatory diseases and medical education.

Research Publications

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