Nripendra Dhillon, MBBS, MS

Associate Professor of Anatomy

Office: (916) 686-7474

Nripendra Dhillon, MBBS, MS


  • MBBS, College of Medical Sciences, University of Delhi, India
  • MS, University of California at Davis


Nripendra has been a member of the teaching faculty at the School of Medicine, UC San Francisco since 1992, where he has shared with medical, pharmacy, and dental school students the secrets held by the human body. For a decade, he concurrently held a visiting appointment at the College of Osteopathic Medicine, Touro University, California. He left Touro and joined California Northstate University in 2017, and is excited to be allowed the opportunity to participate in shaping the budding careers of the students at this young school.

Research Interests

In stepping back and observing interpersonal interactions during the bustle of a typical anatomy lab, Nripendra thinks often about the effectiveness of the various modalities of sharing and cementing knowledge that are used by faculty in this intimate teaching setting. He hopes to explore these ideas with the California Northstate University student body.