James Martel, MD, MPH, FACS

Associate Dean, Department of Graduate Medical Education
Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology in the Department of Ophthalmology

Phone: (916) 686-7300


Dr. James Martel, MD MPH FACS, a graduate of Stanford University, obtained his Medical Degree from Harvard Medical School and his Master of Public Health in biostatistics and epidemiology from Harvard School of Public Health. He interned at Beth Israel Hospital and completed his ophthalmology residency at Wilmer Ophthalmological Institute. He currently serves as a Clinical Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Medical Education at California Northstate University College of Medicine. He is also the Medical Director of Martel Eye Medical Group and provides on call ophthalmology services for four hospitals in the Sacramento, California area.

Dr. Martel provides ophthalmologic care of patients in his private clinic, emergency department, as well as intensive specialty care for medical/surgery/neuro/trauma in-hospital patients. He believes that a multi-team approach is essential for providing his patients with the highest and most efficient care. As such, he has integrated the service lines of ophthalmology, ENT, plastic surgery, neuro-surgery, neuro-intensivist/neurology, radiology, infectious disease, oncology, general surgery, hospital medicine, and emergency medicine in the hospitals in which he practices.

As a physician, he is always teaching and educating his patients and students which he feels is an integral part of the practice of medicine. He is currently taking part of teaching programs, which shifted his concentration from the more traditional medical practice towards integrating new technologies into his practice and delivering new methods of mentoring and inspiration to future physicians. He believes in opening education to students and residents by introducing them to these new technologies and relying on their input to develop them into innovators and leaders in the medical field. He has established a research fellowship in teleanalytics, a program dedicated to providing a more meaningful experience to students before they enter medical school and promotes the development of new telemedicine opportunities,research, education, and mentoring.