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Department of Basic Science

Ghalib Alkhatib, Ph.D.
Chair of Basic Science
Professor of Microbiology

Yihui Shi, M.D. Ph.D
Professor of Biochemistry, Immunology, and Physiology

Nripendra Dhillon, MBBS, MS
Associate Professor of Anatomy

Valerie Gerriets, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Immunology 

Jose Puglisi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physiology and Biostatistics

Catherine F. Yang, PhD
Associate Dean of Medical Education
Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Clinical Biochemistry

Tracy L. Yarbrough, MD, PhD
Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion
Director of Center of Teaching and Learning
Associate Professor of Physiology

Alan Ernst, MD
Assistant Professor of Anatomy

Sailabala Vanguri, MD
Assistant Professor of Anatomy

Jason Wong, PharmD, BCPS, BCPP, APh
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

John Cusick, PhD
Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Ahmed El-Shamy, PhD
Assistant Professor of Virology

Hongbin Wang, PharmBS, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Simeon Kotchoni, PhD
Associate Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biochemistry

Eslam Mohamed, PhD
Assistant Professor of Immunology

Maged M. Harraz, MBBCh, MSc, PhD,
Associate Professor of Pharmacology