**Response to COVID-19 - Information for 2021 Admissions Cycle**

CNUCOM is aware that many of you are facing numerous challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the challenges our applicants are facing with online coursework, we are exercising flexibility with distance learning coursework taken during this time. Distance-learning Science coursework and lab work with pass/fail grades will be taken into consideration for fulfillment of prerequisites, case by case. CNUCOM will continue to conduct a complete holistic review of your application, and will consider MCAT scores as soon as they are received. Primary and secondary application deadlines will remain the same with room for flexibility of extensions for the secondary application, upon submission of a request. For further information regarding any of the above, please email COMadmissions@cnsu.edu

Admission Steps for Fall 2021 Applicants

  1. Complete CNUCOM admission prerequisites
  2. CNUCOM accepts MCAT scores from the last 3 years. Acceptable MCAT versions are:
    - New MCAT Exam (only test scores after January 01, 2017 are accepted)
  3. Complete your application via the Association of American Medical Colleges portal AMCAS
  4. Completed AMCAS applications will be reviewed by the CNUCOM Admissions Committee and Admissions Office
  5. Selected, qualified applicants will be invited to complete the CNUCOM Supplemental Application (a $100 non-refundable fee is assessed to the application)
  6. Submit your Letters of Recommendation (LOR). Applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation from these categories:
    - Category 1: A Healthcare Provider (Recommended)
    - Category 2: A Science professor teaching the BCPM course (Required)
    - Category 3: Other (e.g. Research Advisor, Non-Science Professor, Community Leaders, Employer Superior).

    In lieu of the three LOR’s above, applicants can choose to submit one Pre-Med Committee Letter AND one letter from either category above.
    Submit all letters of recommendation to the AMCAS letter service only.
    *If you have been out of school for more than 7 years, in lieu of the BCPM course letter, you may provide a letter from category 3.
  7. Completed Supplemental Applications will be thoroughly reviewed. Highly qualified candidates will be sent an invitation to participate in an on-campus interview. All applications that are not selected will remain under review until the end of the cycle.
  8. All applicants invited to an interview must take the AAMC VITA. This will be used as a complement to our live interview process-and not a replacement.
  9. Successfully complete an on-campus interview.
  10. The Admissions Committee will confidentially review and vote on completed application packages as Accepted, Waitlisted or Rejected.
  11. The Admissions Office staff will then communicate the final vote, and next steps if applicable to candidates

* All admission decisions are final. Requests for admission decision appeals will not be accepted.
* The College of Medicine is not accepting transfer students from other medical schools and/or programs.
* At this time, the College of Medicine M.D. Program is only open to U.S. citizens and legal residents with Green Cards.

Please visit our Admissions FAQs for more information