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Admission Steps for Fall 2018 Applicants of four-year MD program

Important Communication Policy for Fall 2018 College of Medicine Applicants: To ensure that all applicants have an equal and ethical assessment of their application; all inquiries regarding your application and material are to be directed and submitted to the Admissions Office only at 916-686-7300 ext. 177 or via e-mail at

Any type of communication made by the applicant (or applicant’s parents, employers/supervisors, and faculty/advisors) to the CNU President, College of Medicine Dean or Admissions Committee members is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to do so will be viewed as “inappropriate communication” and may negatively impact your application due to failing to follow the Communication Policy as stated.


  1. Complete CNUCOM admission prerequisites.
  2. CNUCOM accepts MCAT scores from the last 3 years. Acceptable MCAT versions are:
    • Traditional MCAT exam (only test scores after January 01, 2014 accepted)
    • New MCAT Exam
  3. Complete your application via the Association of American Medical Colleges portal AMCAS.
  4. Completed AMCAS applications will be reviewed by the CNUCOM Admissions Committee and Admissions Office.
  5. Selected, qualified applicants will be invited to complete the CNUCOM Supplemental Application (a $100 non-refundable fee is assessed to the application).
  6. Fall 2018 Letter of Recommendation Requirements:

    CNUCOM requires three letters of recommendation in the following categories:

    First Letter
    Healthcare Institution

    Second and Third Letters
    Science Professor
    Non-Science Professor
    Practicing Physician
    Academic Advisor
    Research Advisor
    University Student Services
    University Governance/Advisor,
    Current Healthcare Provider,
    Employer Supervisor,
    Other Institution Faculty

    In lieu of the three LOR's above, applicants can choose to submit one Pre-Med Committee Letter AND one letter from either category above.

    Please submit all letters of recommendation through the AMCAS letter service.

    Applicants for Fall 2018 may use the letter of recommendation requirements for Fall 2019 which are as follows:

    Fall 2019 Letter of Recommendation Requirements:

    CNUCOM requires three letters of recommendation, including one (1) from a professor in the sciences (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics), one (1) from a professor not in the sciences, and one (1) from someone who has known the applicant for a substantial amount of time (e.g. research principal investigator, shadowed physician, volunteer coordinator, organization leader, work supervisor). Applicants are encouraged to submit two (2) additional letters from any source. A Pre-med Committee Packet may be submitted in lieu of both of the professor letters.

    All letters of recommendation should address the applicant's preparedness to become a doctor. Each letter should be written by an individual with whom the applicant has formed a strong relationship, and not simply someone who has given the applicant a high grade. CNUCOM is particularly interested in references to the applicant's work ethic, integrity, compassion, emotional stability, and judgment. Please consider, among others, professors who have taught in your upper-division courses, or individuals who have seen you interact in professional health settings or have witnessed your personal development.

    Please submit all letters of recommendation through the AMCAS letter service.
  7. Completed Supplemental Applications will be thoroughly reviewed. Highly qualified candidates will be sent an invitation to participate in an on-campus interview.
  8. Successfully complete an on-campus interview
  9. The Admissions Committee will confidentially review and vote on completed application packages as Accepted, Waitlisted or Rejected.
  10. The Admissions Office staff will then communicate the final vote, and next steps if applicable to candidates.

  • All admission decisions are final. Requests for admission decision appeals will not be accepted.
  • The College of Medicine is not accepting transfer students from other medical schools and/or programs.
  • At this time, the College of Medicine M.D. Program is only open to U.S. citizens and legal residents with Green Cards.

Please visit our Admissions FAQ for more information


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