Joseph Bahlman Ph.D

Joseph Bahlman Ph.D

Associate Professor of Anatomy

Office Phone: (916) 686-7965
Fax: (916) 686-7310


  • B.S. Evolution and Ecology, University of California Davis, CA
  • Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Brown University, Providence, RI
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada


Prior to coming to CNU College of Medicine, Dr. Bahlman taught at California State University Sacramento, where he spent time developing novel methods for teaching human anatomy, developing physical and virtual anatomy teaching resources, and incorporating technology into the classroom. His methods are designed to help students understand the human body instead of simply memorizing its parts.

Research Interests

Dr. Bahlman’s diverse education and training include his undergraduate in the field of evolution and ecology and his research activities ranged from studying the feeding behavior of vampire bats in Costa Rica to studying the feeding mechanics of tuna at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

During his Ph.D., Dr. Bahlman studied Biomechanics at Brown University, and was co-advised between the Comparative Morphology group in Biology, and Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering. His Ph.D. research involved learning how bats fly and how their wings are built. He then built robotic bat wings that mimic both material properties and wing motion of the live wings. For his teaching training in Human Gross Anatomy, he attended Warren Alpert School of Medicine, at Brown University.

For his post-doctoral fellowship, Dr. Bahlman studied muscle physiology at the University of British Columbia, where he focused on advancing the theory of how muscle functions at high contractile frequency; as well as, how birds vary the muscle power output of their flight muscles when carrying weight. Future research directions including studying the glide mechanics of flying squirrels in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.