Student Wellness Program

College of Medicine Wellness Program
The College of Medicine’s Wellness Program is designed to support the student both mentally and physically, through programming designed to facilitate students’ ability to maintain good physical fitness and mental health. This program includes:
  1. Membership to Fitness Center(s)
  2. Hiking; jogging; walking “Meetups”
  3. Check-ins with College Master
  4. Personal counseling with in-house mental health counselor as needed
  5. Referral to EAP resources of additional counseling and evaluation as appropriate
  6. Free tutoring resources as needed
  7. Referral to psychological testing provider to rule out learning disorders; ADD/ADHD; etc.
  8. Aid for Impaired Medical Students Program: Help for students with alcohol and drug abuse.

Personal Counseling System
The College of Medicine recognizes that students will come into this program with various levels of academic ability and psychological robustness. Some students will most likely experience trying personal circumstances outside the curriculum that impacts their ability to perform at an optimum level of academic performance.

To assist the student at times of need, the College of Medicine will have a licensed mental health provider on staff to assist them. This provider will teach no classes or in any way have any evaluative academic role in the student’s curriculum. This provider will also have expertise in helping students increase their ability in time management, test taking and study skills.

All first year students will be required to have a brief meeting with the mental health provider during the first few weeks of medical school. The purpose of the meeting is for students to gain ease in finding the provider’s office and in enlisting the provider’s skills should the student feel it necessary. The provider’s office will be on the second floor of the Health Science building, which is not where the College of Medicine is located, as it is on the first floor, thus providing a certain level of anonymity. The students will also have access to mental health provider services off-campus through the College of Medicine’s Employee/Student Assistance Program (ESAP). This program allows students to see a licensed mental health provider for three one-hour sessions every six months. The ESAP has over 900 licensed mental health providers in Northern California in various locations and in close proximity to the College of Medicine. In addition, an on-line counseling service, Talk One2One, is available to students on a 24 hour/7 day a week basis.

EAP for Students
Access to over 900 licensed therapists throughout Northern California for up to three one-hour sessions every six months; one thirty-minute consultation with a licensed attorney every six months, and one thirty-minute session with a financial advisor every six months.

Buddy System
First year students will be assigned to a Big Brother or Big Sister who is an upperclassman in academic good standing. The purpose of this program is to provide first-year students with the opportunity to work with an upperclassman that has a firm understanding of the curriculum and the requisite skills for its successful navigation.

No Wrong Door Policy
The College of Medicine will foster an atmosphere among students that there is no wrong door when it comes to seeking assistance. Correspondingly, faculty will be trained on how to assist students with the various kinds of issues they may present with, as well as know where and when to make referrals.

List of Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Contacts:

Kaiser Permanente (Kaiser Student Health Insurance Members)

916-482-1132 Sacramento

Kaiser Permanente (Kaiser Student Health Insurance Members)


Elk Grove

Kaiser Permanente (Kaiser Student Health Insurance Members)

916-817-5646 Folsom


Local/Community Resources:


Alcoholics Anonymous (24 Hours)


Alcoholics Anonymous (Office)




Cocaine Anonymous Hotline


Narcotics Anonymous


Adolescent Chemical Dependency Program



Primary Local Assessment and Treatment Facilities:


Bi-Valley Medical Clinics


-          Capitol Clinic


-          Carmichael Clinic


-          Norwood Clinic


Midtown Mental Health Center                                          


Addiction Treatment Program


Mental Health Center – Kaiser Patients


Mental Health Center – Kaiser, after hours emergencies



Toll-Free Numbers:


Alcohol Abuse 24-Hour Assistance and Treatment


Alcohol Abuse and Crisis Intervention


Cocaine Abuse 24-Hour Assistance & Treatment


Cocaine Abuse & Crisis Intervention


Drug and Alcohol 24-Hour Information, Assistance, & Referrals


Talk One 2 One – 24/7 Confidential Support for Students



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