Scholarly Project

This research-based program allows students to hone their analytical and investigative skills by participating in an active research project under a faculty mentor to produce usable data sets, public presentations, and abstracts suitable for publication. Students participate in the research effort by selecting an advisor, usually by field of common interest. The advisor serves as a mentor at the preclinical level, incorporating faculty resources for oversight to generate a suitable research project proposal with corresponding planned analysis and outcomes. This is the primary goal of the first phase. The second phase builds on the first, and adds supplemental, affiliate mentorship, resources, and oversight to generate a final abstract submission suitable for publication and culminates in an oral or poster presentation to faculty and fellow students. It is expected that students and advisors will meet several times each year during the scholarly project, to verify progress and provide the necessary research guidance enabling completion.

As a result of their direct participation in the Scholarly Project series, students develop critical investigational and problem-solving skills that continue to benefit them throughout their careers. The Scholarly Project is overseen by the Assistant Dean of Research, who is directly responsible for monitoring the program.

The second of the competencies of medical students described in ED-1 is competency in Medical and Scientific Knowledge. Embedded throughout the curriculum the students will be exposed to the scientific method, evaluation of scientific research, and issues related to understanding and evaluating scientific information in the practice of medicine.

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