The primary goal of the Office of Alumni Services is to maintain our graduates' on-going relationship with the faculty, staff, and student body at California Northstate University College of Medicine by building lifelong connections to their alma mater community. We are very proud to share the history of our Alumni's major accomplishments as students and as Alumni. Our office recognizes that our alumni will be distributed throughout the United States and the challenge of keeping all alumni in touch with classmates, resources, and institution news. CNUCOM Alumni Services is committed to updating graduates with alumni social events, continuing education course information, career resources and services, fundraisers, speaking engagements, e-newsletters, news about what fellow classmates are doing, and the buzz on faculty, and support services to help Alumni continue to grow as professionals. Alumni services include:

• E-newsletters
• Social/Networking Events
• Fundraisers
• Alumni Store
• Career Services
• Continuing Education Resources
• Connections through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter
• Discount Benefits (TBD)
• Alumni Directory




Student Counseling Services

The College of Medicine provides counseling services to support students throughout their academic journey.  With the demands of medical school, students may experience stress in any one of the forms below.  Dr. Zaher will privately work with students to share techniques and exercises used to alleviate these factors so students can focus on their studies. With appointments available on-campus and off-campus at flexible days and times, the College of Medicine works diligently to ensure students have the resources they need to complete their program with support, health and wellness.  Please contact Dr. Zaher directly to make arrangements.

On campus hours are every other Thursday:  8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
COM Office #105
Phone:  916-969-0723
* Offsite locations and schedules are also available by appointment 

Contact Dr. Zaher if you are experiencing any of the issues below-
Mental health and academic success in college

Signs of distress

Prevalence of students diagnosed or treated professionally within last 12 months

Health services available

Basic coping skills to manage stress

Crisis management

Eating disorders counseling

Sexual harassment/assault recovery counseling program

Short-term psychological counseling

Stress management

Mental health assessment

Alcohol/drug counseling

Suicide prevention

Health education and promotion




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