Self Directed Student Scholarly Project

Self-Directed Student Scholarly Project Course

The required Self-Directed Student Scholarly Project (hereafter referred to as the Scholarly Project) is a one-year, research-based program to be completed during the 2nd year of medical school. To assist in the development of collaborative skills, students will work in groups of three to identify research interests, gaps in knowledge, explore hypotheses and develop a research plan. Scholarly Project will allow students to hone their analytical and investigative skills by participating in an active research project under a faculty advisor to produce usable data sets, public presentations, and abstracts suitable for publication. The requirements for the project will be explained to students during the Orientation. The following are examples of broader categories that are considered to be suitable for a scholarly project:

• Translational Research
• Clinical Research
• Basic Research
• Global Health
• Medical Education
• Epidemiology
• Public and Environmental Health
• History of Medicine


The student group will develop a hypothesis/question and devise the methods and steps appropriate to answering the question/hypothesis with the guidance of their chosen mentor. They will then generate a suitable research project proposal with corresponding planned analysis and outcomes.

Depending on the type of project, the students may have to complete required training (for example, laboratory biosafety training, blood-borne pathogen training, radiation safety training, IRB and HIPAA training for working with human subjects or accessing patient data, or IACUC training for working with laboratory animals). Projects that include human research subjects will require approval by the CNU IRB. Similarly, if laboratory animals are used, approval by the CNU IACUC will be required.

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