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Puglisi, J. COM Mini-Grant Program. Project: LabHEART Quattro: A Computer Model to Study Cardiac Electrophysiology. January 2nd-December 31st, 2017. Total: $5,000.

Bradbury, M. COM Mini-Grant Program. Project: Modulation of Hepatoma Gene Expression Patterns by Substrate and Culture Conditions: A Model for Hepatocyte Response to Environmental Conditions. January 2nd-December 31st, 2017. Total: $10,000.

Feng, X. COM Mini-Grant Program. Project: Assessing Risks of Impaired Healing and Osteomyelitis Associated with Bisphosphonates. January 2nd-December 31st, 2017. Total: $4,500.

Gerriets, V. COM Mini-Grant Program. Project: The role of serotonin in T cell differentiation and function. January 2nd-December 31st, 2017. Total: $10,000.

Khaira, K. COM Mini-Grant Program. Project: Concussion Awareness, Prevention and Treatment January 2nd-December 31st, 2017. Total: $4,000.

Arias, H.R. COM Mini-Grant Program. Project: Positive allosteric modulators of α7 nicotinic receptors for cognitive impairments. January 2nd-December 31st, 2017. Total: $6,500.

Bowditch, S., PhillipsC.Stoker, J., and Poznanski, A. California Medical Association. Project: Time is Heart: Improving AMI Outcomes in Sacramento’s Medically Underserved. 2016. Total: $700.


Jialal, I. (2017) Normal Uric Acid Levels in Nascent Metabolic Syndrome Patients residing in Northern California. J. Diabetes Complications, in press.

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Jialal, I., and Gounden, V. (2017) Reporting LDL-cholesterol levels in the era of intensive lipid management: A clarion call. Clin. Chem. Lab. Med., in press.

Jialal, I., and Vikram, N. (2017) Nutrition therapy for diabetes: Implications for decreasing cardiovascular complications. J. Diabetes

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Jialal, I., Inn, M., Siegel, D., and Devaraj, S. (2017) Underestimation of low density lipoprotein-cholesterol with the Friedewald equation versus a direct homogenous low density lipoprotein-cholesterol assay. Lab. Med., lmx023. doi: 10.1093/labmed/lmx023.

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Yang, C.F., Li, W., Elliot, R., and Iltchenko, N. (2017). Extraction And Purification Of Urushiol From Botanical Sources. US Patent# 9,580, 373 (B2).

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