Research Centers

The Research Centers are part of the College of Medicine, located at the Elk Grove campus, CA. The Centers are supported by the Dean’s Office and the COM Office of Research, and include:

Vision Statement Our aspiration is that the Research Centers become nationally and internationally recognized for their excellence in different aspects of research in basic and applied science, health education and care of patient and society. Mission The mission of the Research Centers is to work as interdisciplinary entities in a collaborative manner to stimulate and support research in basic and applied science, health education and care of patient and society, and to facilitate outreach efforts to meet/address biomedical, educational, and societal needs.

Center for Research in Medical Education

The mission of the Center for Research in Medical Education (CRME) is to cultivate a culture of excellence, innovation and scholarship in medical education among the CNUCOM basic science and clinical faculty members. Our goal is to promote excellence in the areas of teaching innovation, educational research and scholarship. The core initiatives to accomplish our mission include:

  • Supporting and encouraging faculty to adopt excellence in research methods
  • Supporting and encouraging faculty to adopt innovative methods in knowledge dissemination
  • Guiding faculty to conduct educational research including utilization of assessment of teaching/training tools
  • Assisting faculty to develop and validate new teaching assessment tools
  • Training faculty to utilize advanced and innovative teaching technologies to enhance the learning experience of students
  • Coordinating structured collaborations between faculty for innovative integrative, interdisciplinary and interprofessional teaching
  • Recognizing excellence and innovation in teaching and scholarship in the form of awards
  • Disseminating new knowledge in medical education.

At the heart of all the programs planned by the Center for Medical Education Research, is a strong belief that sharing best practices and expertise is the best way to create a culture of excellence. The Center for Medical Education Research will also offer:

  • Workshops on emerging topics in the field of medical education.
  • Workshops on innovative technologies in medical education.
  • Assistance and guidance in forming small interest groups on specific topics.
  • Individual faculty one-on-one consultation sessions as a part of the “Mentors in Medical Education Research” program.
  • Coaching on innovative teaching skills.
  • Resources to support professional development of faculty members in these areas.

Center for Research in Molecular Pharmacology

Welcome Letter from the Director

Welcome to the Center for Research in Molecular Pharmacology !

The Center for Research in Molecular Pharmacology-Overview (CRMP) is committed to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge on neurological disorders supported by basic and clinical research. An important quest from the CRMP is to understand the origin of diverse neurological ailments, including depression, anxiety, drug and nicotine addiction, pain related diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, and autosomal dominant frontal lobe epilepsy. A second, but not less important, quest is to conduct pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, metabolic, pharmaceutical, toxicological, and teratogenic studies to develop new pharmacotherapeutic compounds that can alleviate and potentially cure these diseases.

The objective of our Center is founded in the notion that scientific collaborations make the health field to flourish. In this regard, the CRMP pursues multidisciplinary research between faculty from the different CNU Colleges and Research Centers, and researchers from the USA and the world.

For those of you interested in pursuing a career in health sciences, our strive for research excellence serves to ensure a stimulating and nurturing environment for producing the next generation of highly competitive pharmacists and physicians. Our students will benefit of this unique environment, where interdisciplinary approaches will reflect situations from the health arena.

On behalf of the CRMP members, I encourage you to explore our research program and the exciting scientific and educational opportunities we offer. 

Hugo R. Arias, PhD
Director, CRMP
Assistant Dean of Research (COM)
Professor of Pharmacology and Biochemistry (COM)