During the COVID-19 pandemic California Northstate University College of Medicine has begun to offer an integrated curriculum of pandemic education model to tackle the disruption. The COM team proactively created an integrated program consisting of in-field, telemedicine clinical experience, education in virology, and delivery of online pandemic modules. A proposal entitled "Novel Pedagogy Development of Pandemic Medical Education" was created and submitted to a Non-Profit Education Foundation (AZKEF Education Foundation). We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded this grant totaling $65,000 for this innovative Pandemic Education Program during this time of adversity.

An interdisciplinary group of educators and scientists have collaborated to secure this grant. This includes:

Dr. Yang (Associate Dean of Medical Education)
Dr. Khatri (Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs; Pandemic Elective Course Co-Director)
Dr. Ramsamooj (Assistant Dean of Curriculum)
Dr. Rogers (M3 Co-Director, Pandemic Elective Course Co-Director)
Dr. Alkhatib, (Chair of Basic Science, Professor of Virology)
Dr. El-Shamy (Director of MPS and Assistant Professor of Virology)
Dr. Malhotra (Director of Institute of Teaching and Learning Excellence, ITLE)

Four COM students (to be selected)
Three MPS students (to be selected)

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