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Plastic Surgery

CNUCOM Career Advising for Medical Specialties: Plastic Surgery

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National Organizations:

American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 
American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Minimal Training Durations:

6 years of residency

Subspecialty Fellowships: 1 Year


Competitiveness: High

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Specialty Overview: The specialty of plastic surgery deals with the resection, repair, replacement and reconstruction of defects of form and function of the integument its underlying anatomic systems, including the craniofacial structure, the oral pharynx, the trunk, the extremities, the breast, and the perineum including aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery of structures with undesirable form.



·         Craniofacial Surgery       1 year

·         Hand Surgery    1 year




Recommended Electives Outside this specialty:

Orthopaedics, Otolaryngology/H&NS, Urology




Training Requirements: here are two pathways to plastic surgery: independent plastic surgery programs of three years duration or integrated programs of six years duration.


In the integrated programs the student enters a plastic surgery residency as a PGY1 but must still complete the prerequisite general surgery requirements specified by the ABPS and is “loaned out” to the various general surgery services to complete these requirements. The integrated training program is six years long. The independent programs accept residents who have completed either a complete general surgery training program or training in ENT, orthopedics or even neurosurgery. They are also able to accept residents who have completed three or four years of prerequisite general surgery training if it was performed at the same program as the plastic surgery residency and meets the ABPS pre-requisite training requirements.


There were 71 integrated plastic surgery residency training programs accredited by the ACGME for 2014/15 that offered 148 training positions.


For subspecialty fellowships, applicants must have completed a residency in plastic surgery. The fellowships are over one year in length


Results and Data of 2016 Main Residency Match

Mean USMLE Step 1 Score: 251

Mean USMLE Step 2 CK Score: 258

Mean # of Programs Applied to in this specialty: 66.7

Number of Programs: 69

Number of Positions Available: 152

Total Number of Applicants: 216

Total Number of Matched: 151




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