CNUCOM Career Advising for Medical Specialties: Anesthesiology

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National Organizations:

American Society of Anesthesiologist


Minimal Training Durations:

1 transitional/preliminary year

3 years of residency

Subspecialty Fellowships: 1 Year


Competitiveness: Medium

Median Salary:

Academic Salary:


Clinical Salary:





Specialty Overview: Anesthesiology is the discipline within the practice of medicine that specializes in the management of patients rendered unconscious or insensible to pain and stress during surgical, obstetric and certain other medical procedures. This involves the perioperative evaluation and treatment of these patients in specialized care in a) pain management b) cardiopulmonary resuscitation c) respiratory care problems, and d) the management of critically ill and/or injured patients in special care units.



·         Obstetric Anesthesiology: Additional information can be found through the Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology at

·         Pediatric Anesthesiology:  Additional information can be found through the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia at

·         Pain Medicine: Additional information can be found through the Pain Medicine section of the Association of Anesthesiology Subspecialty Program Directors at





Training Requirements: Training consists of a minimum of four years of graduate medical education. Three years of the training must be in clinical anesthesia. One year of the training must be the clinical base year, which should provide the resident with 12 months of broad clinical education in medical disciplines of which a maximum of only one month may involve the administration of anesthesia. The clinical base year is usually the first year of graduate medical education. There were 133 anesthesiology residency training programs accredited by the ACGME for 2014/15 that offered 1,600 categorical/advanced positions.

For subspecialty fellowships, applicants must have completed a residency in Anesthesiology The fellowships are over one year in length




Recommended Electives Outside this specialty:

Infectious disease, rheumatology, pediatric dermatology, pathology


Results and Data of 2016 Main Residency Match

Mean USMLE Step 1 Score: 231

Mean USMLE Step 2 CK Score: 241

Mean # of Programs Applied to in this specialty: 34.4

Number of Programs: 119

Number of Positions Available: 1127

Total Number of Applicants: 1748

Total Number of Matched: 1072




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