Faculty Advisors

Academic Advising

The goal of the academic advising system is to prevent a student from falling into academic difficulty through early assessment and intervention. The College Master (CM) will serve as a resource for information and guidance on academic issues, as well as other issues related to medical education as requested by the student.

Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Claire Baranov
  • Dr. Darilyn Falck
  • Dr. Floyd Culler
  • Dr. Guy DiSibio
  • Dr. James Lee
  • Dr. Joe Roger
  • Dr. Jose Puglisi
  • Dr. Laura Hoffman
  • Dr. Louise Glaser
  • Dr. Martin Rubin
  • Dr. Nazila Hejazi
  • Dr. Peter Yip
  • Dr. Raj Ramsamooj
  • Dr. Rochelle Frank
  • Dr. Scott Braley
  • Dr. Shiv Sudhakar
  • Dr. Thura Al-Khayat
  • Dr. Tim Grennan
  • Dr. Tracy Yarbrough
  • Dr. Valerie Gerriets
  • Dr. Vijay Khatri
  • Dr. Zahid Iqbal


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